​About Us

We have the experience and expertise to help you get your products into the club channel. See how we can help.


We have been in the business of helping companies sell their products into the club channel.

​At Innovative Club Partners, we pride ourselves in being a strategy based Costco Broker focused on all aspects of the Club Channel. Our goal is to partner with highly motivated clients that want to grow their existing Costco business or expand into the Club Channel.  

With over 20 years of experience working with and selling to Costco, our points of differentiation are not just in our relationships. Our detailed approach for every client insures that they are properly suited to take the next step at Costco and/or the Club Channel. Innovative Club Partners commitment is to both the Customer and the Client to insure that both parties are successful together.

Bucking the trend of the stereotypical Broker moniker is something that we are extremely conscious of. We recognize that each client's strengths and efficiencies are unique. This attention to detail is what allows us to be laser focused with our strategy and tailor a plan to fit each client.​


We have helped a large number of clients make their way into Costco. Please take a look to see some the clients we've worked with.